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Spine and Extremity Adjustments

Our joints and muscles are designed to help us move! They can only function best when they are in their optimal position, what we refer to as "joint centration." Over time or due to injury, our body can adopt faulty movement patterns (movement that will lead to pain and injury) and what is considered abnormal, becomes our "new normal." This is our body's adaptability at work and can be seen in virtually all aspects of repetitive life.

Consider how teeth brushing feels normal with our dominant hand, but much more difficult with our non-dominant hand. If we used only our non-dominant hand for a few weeks, however, it would start to feel more and more normal. This is similar to how incorrect movement patterns develop. Largely responsible for this change is our nervous system, the key system controlling how we operate. The more input it receives, the greater it becomes reinforced. Adjustments, and movement in general, are one of the key ways to stimulate and affect the nervous system.

Main takeaway: Adjustments help centralize joint positioning and allow them to move the way we're designed to. Adjustments also help stimulate the nervous system and solidify correct movement.  We typically follow the adjustment with exercise and teach you better ways to move when the joints are aligned. This not only helps reduce your current complaint/injury, but prevents or reduces the chance of future problems.

Schedule an adjustment with Dr. Nick and start moving better today!

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