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Give Your Body The Right Tools

What we eat on a consistent basis makes up our diet. A diet is not some fad or temporary thing. It is a daily choice we must make and, based on our choices, will either increase our health or decrease it. ​This is easier said than done!

Many foods are either anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatory foods support a healthy internal environment that allows cells to function normally. Pro-inflammatory foods do the opposite. They promote a stressful environment. Think of a time when you sprained an ankle. It probably became red, swollen, painful, and hard to use. That's acute or traumatic inflammation at work. This is a good thing because it allows our tissue to heal and regenerate. Thankfully, that inflammation disappears in a relatively short amount of time. Pro-inflammatory foods act in a similar manner but throughout our entire body and to a lesser degree. By causing chronic, low-grade inflammation, cells cannot do their jobs as well and we start to see a breakdown - which leads to increased pain and risk of disease. Our overall health largely depends on which type of foods we eat more of.  

We offer several ways to get your diet back on track through both guidance and education. We figure out each person's unique starting point and determine the goals desired. We then formulate a plan and timeline to reaching those goals. We understand how difficult it is to change one's diet. That is why we start with simple steps and work our way up.

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Fasting-Mimicking Diet

The fasting-mimicking diet is becoming one of the most clinically researched diets that unleashes huge benefits within the body. The basic concept is that our body evolved during times when food was not readily abundant, meaning we periodically experienced states of fasting. During these times, our body utilized different processes to maintain energy and normal function. It allowed us to get rid of damaged cells, increase fat burning processes, and change our endocrine response. When we constantly eat, we our continually breaking down food and taxing our digestive system, preventing other activity within the body from occurring. 

This diet allows us to enter a fasted state without starving ourselves. As a preferred provider with ProLon, we have access to order the package at a discounted rate and get started right away. Call 303-431-2266 or schedule online to learn more!

Significant benefits with high probability of occurring from this diet include:

  • Decreased body fat

  • Improved blood chemistry

  • Improved inflammatory markers

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Increased stem cell production (Rejuvenation)

  • Better immunity


Immuno Testing

Satisfaction Guaranteed

By partnering with Immuno Lab, we are able to order blood diagnostic testing. This allows us to get a closer look at the types of food that may be causing an immune response at the cellular level, what is known as low-grade, chronic inflammation. We send a sample of your blood to the lab and they test it with over 150 different foods. They then send a report of the findings and we go over which foods to avoid or eat in moderation. This empowers you to make better choices when it comes to food and diet.

Schedule a visit with us today and figure out which foods are best for you!

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